What does it do?

MicroHome will do lots of things. These are examples of what it will do once it’s built!

  • Set a budget for your energy usage!

“Dear Air Conditioner, you’re allowed to spend $200 cooling the house this month…”

  • Control your A/C when you’re out of town!

“Dang, I forgot to turn up the A/C when we left. Wait, I can do it from my phone!”

  • Get email from your car reminding you to change your oil.
From: Your Car
Subject: Please Change My Oil!
To: You
Dear owner,
I've driven 3,000 miles and it's time to get my oil changed.
Don't forget, I'd really like to drive better and use less fuel!
Oh, by the way, I'm currently averaging 24.3MPG!
  • Program your porch light to turn on automatically at Dusk.
  • Keep an eye on how much electricity your house is using – all the time!



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