The Espresso Controller

This is the prototype espresso PID controller. It uses an ATMEGA 328P Microcontroller (AKA Arduino), a K type thermocouple(electric thermometer) and a solid state relay to control the heating element of the espresso machine.

It was built to replace the pressure stat – a mechanical pressure switch that controlled the temperature of the espresso machine. Rather than mess with Boyle’s Law, the controller directly measures the boiler temperature and pulses the heating element to keep the temperature stable.

Say Hello to MicroHome.

MicroHome is a project to design and build a home energy monitoring and automation platform based on open source hardware and software.

The purpose of MicroHome is simple: Improve the world with technology. By helping you monitor and manage your energy usage, you’ll have the power to reduce your energy needs. Save money, save the planet and get your inner geek on.

Take some time to check out the site and read about the proposed hardware designs and if you think it’s a worthy project, visit the kickstarter site and help accelerate the project with your support.